Bryan D Koesler

Clinical Psychologist
Doctor Bryan D Koesler — Clinical Psychologist at the Atrius Health Inc in Boston (MA).
And his current primary job location is in Boston, Massachusetts. You can read reviews about Dr. Koesler and leave your own below!
Doctor Bryan Koesler's
  • Clinic: Atrius Health Inc
  • Address: 133 Brookline Avenue
    Boston, MA, 2215, United States.
  • Contact phone number: 6174211000
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1 Review

  1. Patti Rider says:

    This psychologist is changing my life for the better. I’m a middle aged woman, who has been in and out of therapy for about 29 years. (Embarrassed) the difference is, I was always referred to LICSW counselors. I am by no means insulting the professionalism of them. But, Bryan being a doctor of psychology, is picking up on diagnoses that were never, ever explored by any of my past treatment counselors. I just wished I had been referred to him many years ago. He is professional, very comfortable to talk to and is spot on. With me, and I’m quite sure if you’re suffering, he can help you too. Don’t waste many years like I did. Go to the best of the best. Many thanks to Dr Koesler.

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